Testosterone Table and Other Snowbound Tales

I had a feeling today wouldn't be much different around here than yesterday.  My psychic powers proved accurate. While the big boys pushed snow outside, the little guys and I made the best of it inside.  I have learned a few things since the little boys came to stay.  The first of which is to get up much earlier than them.  I am now an avid fan of pre-dawn darkness.  It's quiet.  But, there are some lessons I have repeatedly failed to learn.

#1 - Lock the bathroom door behind you because little boys like to mimic what they see. I recently became the proud owner of my very first dental partial.  A lovely two tooth number that is taking some time getting used to. Chandler caught me practicing taking it out and putting in back in this morning.  He thought my new teeth were pretty cool.  I shooed him out of the bathroom and locked the door.  He rummaged through the toy box until he found exactly what he was looking for.

Before I tell you the rest of this story, it is important for you to know that Ethan and Chandler are very particular about what toys they play with and when.  Once on a mission to find that one special toy, there is no stopping.  Chandler found his and I about lost my teeth!  (Pun intended.)

Lesson #2  I need to start practicing what I preach... "put your stuff away if you don't want anyone else to touch it".  When it was time to put these new teeth of mine in their little box before going to bed last night, I found it full of Matchbox cars.

In comparison the rest of the day was relatively dull. According to Cole, it was extremely boring.  He wasn't happy with me and told me to, "go shampoo a squirrel".  (I didn't).


However, when it was time to set testosterone table for dinner, all the juvenile antics began anew.

I will be so glad to be able to get back to work.


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