Laundry Room Part II - Dresser Makeovers

Back in the late 50's my dad bought his first bedroom furniture.  A blonde veneer set that has held up well through various makeovers.  The dresser was tucked away in the attic because it was so hideous looking.  I snagged the matching chest of drawers from Grandson #1's bedroom, hauled them both to the garage, plugged in my how-did-I-ever-live-without-it Black and Decker random orbital sander and went to town.


It took two coats of Kilz primer with a foam roller to conceal their past lives. (Meet hubby/helper Glen.  He won't like having this picture on here, but when you jump in front of the camera:  too bad, so sad).

Waiting for the paint to dry - two coats of primer - THREE coats of Color Place "Buffalo" semi-gloss paint and two coats of Minwax Polycrylic top coat was the hardest part.  (Someday I will learn my lesson and buy decent paint).

It's a good thing there is plenty of space and lots of things to do out here while waiting for paint to dry.  After watching the boys ride, I rummaged for something else to create from my junk stash.

Ahhhh.  Irreparably damaged church bench.  Perfect.  More on that later.  Back to redressing the dressers.

I would have liked to use the original hardware for drawer pulls, but that was not to be.  Way back when the dresser went Goth, the pulls were replaced.  Matching dressers requires matching accessories, don't you think?  So, it was Glen to the rescue!  Exclamation point necessary here.  He drilled holes into the work board and set up all 26 of the wooden knobs we decided to use for pulls.  What you see is his brilliance at work... with loaded paint brush in one hand and and power drill in the other, he spun the knobs and they were painted in no time at all.

Oh happy day. The dressers were finished and put to use - but not before the final must do, old fashioned, make sure the drawers glide with ease trick.  Bar soap.  Yep.  Rub the bottoms of the drawers and the guides for smooth sliding.  Works like a charm.

Now if only I could train the boys not to "paw and claw" through the drawers.  I think drawers should look as good on the inside as they do the outside, don't you?

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  1. You are sooooo crafty Coleen! I'm sure there's junk all over at my house that you can have. Lol.


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