Guess What's in the Oven?

If you said "not food"... you know me well and you're right!

Now, if I was cruel, I'd leave just this picture up for a week and see if you could figure out what the heck it is.  But I've met so many wonderful friends through my little blog I just couldn't do that.

I will tell you that it started out with a couple pieces of paper for the main pattern pieces.  An oval (4.75" wide and 9" long) and a fat curly worm looking shape.  Since I forgot to take pictures along the way, I guess I have to just show you know what it turned into.  (Hate it when I get excited and forget to shoot the steps!)

Roasted Turkey (and no, they weren't impressed with what was in the oven again).  Oh Well.

Now I can explain how I made it.  Seriously, it requires very little skill.  To make the body of the turkey, you cut five of those ovals and sew them together - leaving the middle of the last seam open for stuffing.  (DO NOT STUFF WITH BREAD CRUMBS! : )  When you get it done you've created your basic ball.  Kinda cool.  You can make all sorts of things out of balls.

After I made and stuffed the ball, I drew that worm looking thing - it's the neck and head of the turkey.

As you can tell, it took me a few attempts to get it right.  Thank goodness for erasers.  Then I took two pieces of fabric, slipped the pattern between them and traced around my outline with my disappearing ink pen (so cool!).  Then I sewed the pieces together leaving the bottom of the neck and about 1.5" of the top line of the neck (from the edge of the paper to just about the curve) open for stuffing and sewing onto the body.  Note:  Trace, sew on the lines you drew and THEN cut the fabric.  So easy - don't have to worry about seam allowance : )

The tail feathers were the easiest.  I set my stuffed body (turkey body, that is) on top of doubled fabric and cut a 3/4 oval shape - curved on the top, flat on the bottom and pencil drew long fingers on the fabric.  Then I stitched the "fingers" and stuffed them.

After the fingers were stuffed, I stitched right below them, put a little, not much, polyfill in the pocket and stitched all the way across the bottom.

As you can see, I antiqued them - secret recipe found here and baked them separately.  Believe it or not, I had to baste the turkey!  The top dried out faster, even though I kept turning it, flipping it from side to side.  Too funny!

Oh the waddle thingy!  I just cut a waddle shape out of red material and sewed it on the neck.

I did bake everything twice because I didn't think it turned out dark enough the first time.  Who wants to look at a pale roasted turkey??

I put the finishing touches on by painting the beak and the eyes with acrylic paint.

Then I dressed him up a bit and I think he looks very festive for the upcoming holiday!

I see I have 3 hours and 14 minutes to link this turkey up with Jan over at the
so that's what I'm gonna do!  (I hope she likes it!)

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So what do you think?  Is it the "Crow's Toes"?