I have been itching to create things... definitely have enough "junk" out here to keep my creative juices flowing and I can hardly wait until they replace the windows because I have ideas for the old ones. I have always loved making things, but I was truly "re-inspired" by Ethan and Chandler's Aunt Ashley in North Carolina - you must visit her site that I'm following: She has some really neat things on there. There is also another site with totally amazing things: In my dreams will I ever be able to keep up!

Anyway, I'm hoping to be able to share my creations - but I see I have a looooooooong way to go because taking decent pictures has a lot to do with how to share one's inspirations. My little garden sink/salad bar/basket rack is my favorite project so far. We are having a family reunion out here the end of September, so I'll have to remember to take pictures of the transformation from basket rack to salad bar.
After spending almost a year living in a chicken coop with Miss Lucy (our only female goose) we decided to let poor Mr. peacock out into the wide open world! To our surprise, he was very tame and didn't fly away or run away from us when we approached. He wandered around until he found his parents and sisters who live in the wire corn crib that we call a bird cage. Alas, he looked so lonely circling his caged family that we decided to release one of his sisters so he would have someone to play with. (We really have no idea what peacocks do for fun). He didn't seem to think it was such a great idea as after a bit of wandering around with her, he flew up into a tree on the far side of the farm while his sister perched atop the big bird cage. It's kind of like buying expensive toys for your kids only to have them prefer empty boxes and milk cartons to play with. : )



Drew and Chandler watching Caine hobble to the locker room after the game. Caine got hit in the back in the fourth quarter and wasn't feeling too hot. Too bad because he was really hittin' 'em hard the whole game and I heard a couple of girls in the stands say "that Caine is a Monster!" He busted through the line several times for some yardage and had a fantastic kick-off for the team. All in all it was a good first high school football game for Caine.

This picture is deceiving... from the appearance of the Harlan Cyclone player on the bench and the semi-tough grimace on Caine's face, one would be led to believe the Monarchs won the game. Not so, they fell to Harlan by two touchdowns - I think. The scoreboard wasn't working. Hey, maybe that Harlan kid thought they lost.

Now if I knew anything about football positions I would be able to tell you Caine's position and you'd be able to spot him right away. However, I am football position challenged, so I will tell you that Caine is the third person from the left in the center of the field. He's squattin' and all ready to do whatever it is that position player does!

Caine practicing his intimidation stance the day before the big game.


Today I celebrated the 22nd anniversary of my 30th birthday by going to Indulge for a pedicure.... aahhhhh Happy Feet! Trista really does a good job on old, tired feet.
Today was definitely unique. Drew's divorce was finalized, and we went to the funeral home after work to pay our respects to Uncle Merlin who will be buried tomorrow. Two farewells that will lead to new paths for members of our family. In many respects divorce and death are similar as far as our emotions are concerned. Sadness for the loss of that to which we were accustomed, relief in the knowledge that the hardship is past and hope that the days to follow will be better for those concerned. Above all, the sweet sorrows allow us to grow in faith that the future holds goodness once again, and it always does.


Rain doesn't stop the fun at our place - they just go "muddin'"

Fun with the Barngrovers 8-16-09

Glen is headed for Menard's today to pick up the new siding. Sure will make a big difference in the appearance of our place once the windows and siding are replaced. The anticipation mounts! Caine and Cole spent the night with their step-dad last night. Drew, Ethan, Chandler and I went to their new duplex in town and set up the boys' new bed. After lunch we will head back in and start putting the rest of their new home together. Sure will be different inside the house once they are settled in town. Change, always something changing out here.


Sometimes I think my life is boring because all I ever seem to accomplish is working, cooking and cleaning. My social life consists of trips to the grocery store, Wal-Mart and Indulge, a trendy salon where the girls keep my hair and toes happy. When I get to feeling this way, all I have to do is look out the window and realize that not everyone has a llama or peacocks - or the peace and quiet of a rural setting where there is plenty of fresh air and a sprawling yard for children to grow and play. Whenever I want to feel good about my life, all I have to do is invite people over and watch them marvel at what I have.