Easy Personalized Party Theme

We just celebrated my Dad's 80th birthday with an open house.  I, of course, put myself in charge of the decorations because I love to make things and I love to decorate for special occasions.

My first idea was to make table tents featuring various snapshots of Dad through the years.  That idea was nipped in the bud because, as my parents so gently whispered, "photographs are for funerals".

Although I didn't agree with that idea I honored their wishes... but kept my mouth shut as to my new idea for fear they would axe that one too!

I decided to make story pieces for the tables that depicted the many things Dad has been involved in over the years.  For instance, he was a farmer for a while and raised pigs and sheep.

My parents honeymooned in California and drove there in their 1955 Chevy.

I used whatever I had on hand for the displays, baskets, boxes, plates, bowls.

All of the pictures were found on the internet.  I simply printed off two of each on card stock, making sure to mirror print the second one.  I cut them out and used double-sided tape to keep them together.  Toothpicks were slid between them to make them stand up.

A few flower embellishments here and there to coordinate with the red, white and blue color scheme and the decorations came together in a snap.

A little modeling clay worked great for this one.  The picture stood nicely in the clay and the flowers didn't go anywhere.

The mail box is held on top of the old Chevy hub cab with modeling clay, which by the way does not dry out, and is sitting on top of a toy goal post.

In all there were 15 different scenes.

Finally, sprinkled throughout the table decorations were the grandkids and great grandkids - all 19 of them!  I cut out two of each and put the pictures on the stems from the flowers I used in the other decorations; stuck it in a little clay and filled the cup with crushed chocolate sandwich cookie crumbs.

All in all it was a great day.  Everyone had fun reminiscing about the old days and remembering all the things Dad was involved in.  Best part was the cost... very, very little.  A few sheets of card stock, toothpicks, a little moss, etc. and a few bunches of silk flowers.

Next time you have a party, you can make it very special with very little effort or expense!