Meet the Animals

Thought I would mix things up a bit today.  The natives are restless and crabby so there probably won't be any cute little antics to report.  I think we are all ready for spring to arrive.  (Only 68 long, torturous days to go).  

Meet Abby, the newest member of our farm family.  She was born last spring and spent her first four weeks in our house!   She was the sole survivor of preemie twins, too weak to nurse on her own.  She lived in a dog carrier in the kitchen for about a month.

It didn't take long before she was literally one of the kids...

and she doesn't mind getting dressed up when company's coming.

This is Houdini.  He came to us from northern Iowa last spring along with his mother, Mamma Llama.  Houdini got his name from his prior owners because he escaped every pen they tried to put him in.  He has been a very good boy since his arrival.  I find him simply adorable.

Here is another of our home grown creatures.  We purchased his parents shortly after we moved here and they finally had babies a year ago this past spring.  We had to let him out of the cage the rest of his family lives in because he and his father fight over who is the prettiest. 

He's a real beauty and come this spring he should be sporting a beautiful fan of tail feathers.

Our other feathered friends include this little gaggle of ganders.  They escape every now and again, but never for long and they always travel together.  If one of them should stray, the others cause such a racket you'd think the world was coming to an end.

Dolly Llama and Ollie Llama were birthday presents for me the year Glen forgot our anniversary :  )  He didn't want llamas out here, but oh the wonders of guilt!  He has since learned that they are awesome animals, great weed eaters and much more amusing than goats.  Curious and protective, the llamas have to be front and center when company comes and on occasion Dolly will eat right out of your hand.

What farm place would be complete without cats?  Every spring we have an explosion.

And my favorite?


Mia has to be my favorite because we just have so much in common:

We are both big girls.
Her eyes are brown and so are mine.

She's a girl and so am I.
We both bark...
and even though we are both old dogs
we still know how to wag our tails to get what we want.

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  1. Do ya'll have chickens? It's one of my dreams to have a few. LOVE the idea of fresh eggs.


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