Garden Goodies

We are fortunate to have many garden areas out here on the acreage... along with a great deal of junk to fill them with.

Someone was very talented to create that metal tulip.  I put it inside a hole in the axle between those two metal wheels to keep the wheels from rolling away!  The hunk of iron between the wheels came off my washing machine I told you about here.  I threw some insulators in the flower bucket, know why?  They prevent the cats from napping in there : )

This rusty old heavy duty oil can doesn't really fill the bird bath, I just pretend it does.

I found this cute, slightly cracked, casserole out in one of the sheds too.  She's sitting atop an old tractor seat under the rain spout to kinda sorta hide the ugly thingy under the rain spout.

A variety of chicken pans and feeders tickled my fancy too.

One of my favorite spots is the windmill garden.

All those bricks came with the place.  They were lovingly hauled to this farm from the previous owner's grandmother's home when her house was razed.  I redesigned the pathway to encircle the windmill and I love the river rock fill.  It only took us 5 years to figure out how to do it : )

Then there's Harry.  I don't normally name my plants, but this one was just begging for a name.

 I had to post a contest to see what this crazy thing actually was.  It's a 1920's cream separator!

Then we have our volunteer wildflower areas too.  I love the no maintenance of these beauties : )

Dolly Llama knows how to enjoy the shade on hot summer days.

Pete, the peacock loves to hide in the Day Lilies.

Look.  Just when I work my way around the house making areas look nice, it's time to start the weeding all over again.

Finally, there is this monstrosity to deal with:

She has her charm, that's for sure and she has had some wonderfully beautiful days in the past, but winter was hard on her.  Huge tree limbs punctured the liner and she no longer holds water.  Maybe she will become a dry bridge?

I'm linking up my garden goodies here this week:

Have a Safe and Happy Fourth!


  1. Coleen I'm sitting here drooling all over my keyboard. Your pictures are fabulous.

  2. What a place you have, I know that this has taken so much work... It makes me feel lazy! I love all your garden junk, so much more interesting than having something just like everyone else.


  3. Coleen... love your farm! Gave me a laugh when I read about your bird bath... you crack me up!!


  4. I nearly had a heart attack with your features. I can't believe they're (gasp) outdoors! This is good livingroom loot. I really enjoyed this tour. :)


  5. LOVE these ideas!! Many of these items look familiar to me... my dad farms... I may be 'borrowing' a few more goodies! :) Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!!

  6. Your place is gorgeous!

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