Perpetual Inspiration

What do you get when you double up on your inspirations?

Itsy Bits and Pieces

It was love at first sight when I saw Linda's little clock face turned Man in the Moon and I knew I had to have one of my very own.

Speaking of love, I fell in love with Donna's creative Kitchen catch-all decor and wanted one of those too!

Funky Junk Interiors

So I scratched and scrounged around came up with a double header from their great ideas.  A basket, three bed springs, a couple broken hangers, a little baling twine and I have a fashionable home for my address book, cell phone, pens, notepaper and keys - whoo hoo!

But there is sooooooooooo much inspiration to be found I couldn't stop there.

The always creative Kendra had me drooling with her little drawer display.

Creative Ambitions
Since I needed something to hide an unsightly outlet, I decided to go with the big flower idea.

Guess what?  The flowers do a great job of hiding my cell phone power cord too.  Oh the advantages of stealing the ideas of others!

I was feeling a little guilty about using everyone else's ideas.  It made me feel like my creative juices had dried up in the hot summer sun, so I decided to add a little creation of my own.

Can you guess what it is?  Here's a little hint that will also show you what a huge improvement all these inspirations have made in my kitchen organization area.

Say goodbye to the handy but rather unattractive calendar I actually paid 5 bucks for, and Hello(!) to my do-it-yourself Perpetual Calendar : )

Perpetual, of course, means forever and that is just about how long it took me to create it!  I found a chart on the internet and painstakingly created all the calendars - A through G - and the tables of months and years.  I found some graphics and a picture I liked and Mod-Podged it all together.  The only thing it's really good for is finding out what day a date fell on in any particular year.  But it's a great conversation piece! 

As you can see, I had to create a "real" calendar to add to the assemblage as well.  It would take too long to figure out what day it is using the other one!

So there you have it.  My new and improved kitchen catch-all area.  As far as inspiration goes, I'm calling it a home run, Linda + Donna + Kendra + me and it's bases loaded.  Add the most gracious Karen at the Graphics Fairy, where the adorable Man in the Moon came from and it's over the fence and gone!

I'm linking this perpetual project up here:


p.s.  I was born on a Sunday : )


  1. Your projects turned out wonderfully, Coleen! I'm so happy you were inspired by my man in the moon project! How sweet you are to share it on your blog! Karen does give us great graphics, doesn't she!? And your perpetual calendar is really great! I just love how we all get inspired by each other here on the blogs!!

  2. Everything looks great. I especially like the basket turned organizer. I never see the old bedsprings here. I'll have to put my thinking cap on to improvise. As Linda said, I love how we all get inspired by others.

  3. Your catch-all area really looks great. The grouping you put together is very eye-catching. Love how you pulled together inspiration from so many to create your own one-of-a-kind space.
    I'm sure this will now inspire others.

  4. Coleen... I love it! Wow... you did a great job putting all 3 inspirations together to create such an organized and decoratively appealing space... I love the calendars!! You are too cool!! I'm impressed! And flattered that you found inspiration in something I did... thank you Coleen... you made my day!!

    Have a great Sunday!

  5. What great idea's you have and love how your catch all center turned out. Have a great week.

  6. Hi Coleen,
    Wow, so many fabulous projects!! Great job, they all turned out wonderfully! Thank you so much for giving me credit for the Moon image, that was so kind of you.

  7. Coleen, this is a home run! You will have that family loving junk before long! Lezlee


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