Waterbed Door

My co-worker is such a sweetie.  She puts up with me day after day and very kindly listens to my endless driveling about junk.  Her birthday is coming up and when I asked her what she wanted, she said, "If you want, you could make me a sign for my door out of some of your junk".  (Yesssss!)

I started by playing around in PrintShop until I was happy with a design.  (I used chocolate tones - because, well,  she's just crazy about chocolate)

I must have had "door" on my mind because I found this old door that came from the pedestal of our old waterbed when I was scrounging around for something to use as a base.

I think it appealed to me because it has those chocolate colors going on.

There was plenty of room on either side of the print when I started laying it out, so I decided to make some stars to fill the gaps.  I printed the stars on white cardstock and then glued them to a piece of cardboard and cut them out with my Tomboy utility knife.  (I love my Tomboy tools!)

The toothpick and ice pick were used to thread the stars onto a burlap string.

It was needing some contrast, so used black spray paint on the edges of the door and an 8 x 11.5 piece of heavy cardboard to place under the print black.  I also gave the stars and the print a couple of coats of clear acrylic spray to protect and waterproof them.  Hopefully they will withstand this awful Iowa humidity!

When it was finished I realized I hadn't made a sign for her door, I'd made a sign out of a door.  Whoops!

Oh well, she said a sign probably wouldn't work on the door anyway because of the glass.  She showed me a picture of her porch... authentic to-die-for white beadboard!  I think this will work just fine on her awesome authentic wall.

p.s.  It was hard for me not to add a "t" and make it say "the CUTE family" because that is true too!

I'm linking this little gift idea up at:

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


  1. Awesome! I had to laugh at the "make me something out of your junk" comment! What an amazing kudos, doncha think?!?


  2. I love it. I'm sure she will love it too. That sign will be perfect agains the white beadboard. Don't you love it when people respect your talent of repurposing junk?

  3. Coleen... it looks great!! I'm sure she will love!! :)

    Have a great day!

  4. Love the sign...sounds like you've got a "trashy", mine's the same! Lezlee

  5. Oh that looks great! Love how you pulled it all together.
    Great eye!
    I think she will love it!

  6. OH, HOW I DO LOVE!!!!!!! Best gift ever!!! (I did however, do a little project of my own this weekend and painted that old white bead board, dang it!! Oh well, it will still look great on my newly painted wall. Thank you Coleen!


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