Dreamin' With my Feet on the Ground

Two weeks ago we headed to the city to find a new car.  Sadly, I was the only one interested in replacing my little "PT Loser" (as the teenager called it) with a dump truck.  I thought it was a (selfishly) wonderful idea!  After all, we were looking for something tough enough to plow through the various stages of muck on our gravel road and something big enough to accommodate all the things we need to haul out here.  Glen was thinking kids and groceries.  I, of course, was thinking junk.  In my mind, a dump truck was the prefect solution.... provided we could find one with an extended cab.
  Seriously, I envisioned myself sitting behind the wheel of a heavy duty dumper.

All the way to the city I was on the lookout for junk to strengthen my case.  

"Look at that pay load!" I squealed every time we passed a pile of potential.

Alas, my outbursts and best arguments were all in vain.  We came home with your ordinary, keeping up with the Joneses crossover with all the bells and whistles.

I would have much rather come home with something more fitting to keeping up with the neighbors.  They have a dump truck.

Okay, so I quit pouting and gave up the idea of a dump truck.  I could be adult about driving a new vehicle, but darn it, it just doesn't fit into my dream of making money by rescuing rubbish while releasing the restraints on my artistic drive. 

But, I've been here before.  In the not so distant past I tried to break away from the "9 to 5 make someone else rich" work world and failed miserably.  I started a business called "Faith Works", a little Christian book and gift store, but it didn't take long to lose every penny of my retirement savings and more.  It is an understatement to say I'm reluctant cut the cord to the working world in order to chase my dreams.

Broke isn't fun either.

I sit between the opposing realities of fear and failure and the determination of dreams and desires. There is no way I can quit my job and expect to have the financial stability that's taken so long to finally attain after my business failure.  Likewise, there's no way I can quash my love for junk or the desire to express myself artistically.  

Equally I'm tormented by the notion of time.  I sometimes feel there's never enough of it anymore, but on the other hand, it seems time is my greatest commodity and there's no need to rush.  

Oh the pressure!

In order to find some semblance of sanity, I sat down and created something that pretty much sums up who I am and what I want to do.  From here I can grow into business cards and labels and ads, right?  (Well, after I actually make something to sell.)

Glen thought "Old Crow Creations" would be more appropriate.  Sheesh.  After I slapped him, I explained that this old crow was trying to emphasize the need to keep her feet on the ground this time instead of flying off with her crazy ideas.  He said he really appreciated that!  (Bless his pointed little head.)

Maybe the dream business is in my future, maybe not.  I guess it doesn't matter as long as we have what we need and I can sneak in a project from time to time to save my sanity. Besides, there's nothing wrong with a dream that never dies.

But, oh, wouldn't it just be the crow's toes?!


  1. Colleen I love the business card. I'd have been hard pressed to pass up that pile of junk er treasures. Grampy said yesterday that the driver of the recycle truck should just dump it all off at my house and I could call him if I need him to pick anything up. LOL

    By the way, I'd choose a dump truck too. You can still haul lots of things without damaging your new car, Just keep an old plastic shower curtain in the back to lay things on.

  2. Hey Coleen! I think that it's great that you want to start a business, but I'm glad you didn't choose "Old Crow" as there's already an Old Crow here in Iowa.

  3. Oh my gosh am I sure glad I stopped by-- I'm still giggling! So sorry you didn't get your dump truck- but at least you got a vehicle that you could attach a small trailer onto! :)

  4. OH Coleen! Loved your post! Made me laugh and I totally know how you are feeling... I think probably many of us do!

    I am a big dreamer and my hubby tends to keep me grounded!! But I feel ya! And even though your 1st business failed, I always say that failure can be good and a learning opportunity.

    Don't give up on your dreams or your dump truck (LOL)... I think dreaming helps keep us creating and you never know when that dream just may become reality one day (a good reality that is)... if that makes sense!!

    Hang in there lady... you're not alone!!


  5. Hello Coleen, so happy you stopped over and thanks so much for your kind comments.

    I personally like your crossover... you will be surprised what you can get in there. I have a Santa Fe and it is amazing what I haul around in there when I have to.

    Hugs, Deb

  6. Coleen, I really connected with your post... I have such a passion to do whatever it is that I do... and I struggle,too. I have a friend with a neat tea room, that wants me to put a few small gift items in her tea room on consignment. It is literally a two minute walk from my house...I think this, along with redoing this old house, and the party decorating I do would take care of the creative side, but to create with cast offs, and bits and pieces can be so overwhelming, because you do need a lot of junk, like in that pile, so I am just trying to find some balance. I love your logo, so great! Just keep yourself open to opportunities that might be a little different. Lezlee

  7. Coleen
    Loved your post...although with my connection I'm not getting to see very many pictures. I did get to see the card/logo though! It looks great- I love the idea. You have lots of great ideas and you're quite the inspiration.

    Like you...I'm trying to not get my feathers in a ruffle and am try, try, trying... to keep my feet on the ground!

    Best wishes to ya.

    I'm not able to get on and post much lately-- or comment even. This being an exception--- but thanks so much for the kind words and all the thoughts and prayers!


  8. Hi Coleen,
    I love your business card and name! It's so hard to have to keep a real job when you really want to spend the time creating and selling.
    But, as my husband tells me, that will be a good part time income after retirement.
    So I too try to fit in my projects and creative endeavors on the weekends and after work. Sometimes time is just too short to do all we want.
    Liking your dump truck idea, but let me tell you, my Grand Caravan has picked up a LOT of stuff. You'd be surprised what those things can hold.
    Thanks for stopping by and checking out my kitchen progress. I'm starting to feel like it will never get done.

  9. Hey, Sis-in-law...I loved this post! And I so know how you feel. My biz didn't get anywhere near as far as yours, but I keep hoping. Every day I look at a blog I don't use and a website I still pay for and a business license I can't quite seem to turn in to the state for shredding. I just think "what if..someday". I love my kiddo, I love my family, but I just wish there were more hours in the day to divide between them and my crafty passions...but maybe no matter what there would never be enough time. There's always the weightiness of the clock. Maybe we'll figure out a way, someday, maybe we should go into business together! LOL! I love your blog, I'm so glad you share it with us voyuers :) Love you!


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