Twenty-five Below

Baby, it's cold outside!  They're registering our wind chill at twenty-five degrees below zero today - so I'm really glad for those big snow drifts blocking our road.. it means I can't go out!  I guess I'll stay in the house where it's nice and warm and keep plugging away at making candles : )

I'm a bit candle crazy these days.... so many things to consider - and recipes to get "just right".  But I haven't forgotten about the sweet day approaching soon and I'm getting ready for it!

Everybody needs a pretty place to park their Valentines, don't they? 

I went to my scrap heap and found some material I thought would work well and started cutting out hearts.  I had no idea what they would become, so I just winged it.

Of course I had to "antique" the striped ticking material (that's become another obession!) because I just love the grubby, old look.  I simply layered the hearts and used crochet thread (I think that's what it's called) to sew them together creating two pockets.

I also made myself a little Valentine  - just in case I don't get any.

Now it's back to making candles - a nice occupation for a horribly cold day!


  1. Very cute my friend!! I love the antiqued ticking fabric... nice touch! Hope you stay warm and keep power... I feel bad for those getting hit by this blizzard!! Ice, wind, temps... Not Good!! Ok... my little candle connoisseur... have a good day!!

  2. the idea of thinking ahead and making a Valentine for yourself..hee-hee :)
    Great home decor piece and it looks perfectly aged :)

  3. Oh Coleen--
    Surely you'll get a valentine... as sweet as you are to those Grands!
    Love the little pocket so cute.
    Twenty five below w/wind chill. Don't you hate the whole wind chill-- it's almost like were being lied to by the weather man,ha! go figure.

    We're having temps in the 20's this week. I wish it were still LAST SUNDAY, it was 80!

    Thanks for the sweet comments on my Big TEX fork and spoon. I thought they were cute. I have no idea why my daughter thought to buy those for me- but she did and I love 'em! Stay warm.
    See you ~

  4. Oh Coleen. That is too cold for me to even think of going anyplace. I love the valentine holder. Please share pictures of your new candles. You're so creative.

  5. Colleen, how darling. ...just something you whipped together, and look how sweet it is!

  6. Colleen so darling...I just love ticking...would like a whole couch done in it! Well, if the power goes out your house will sure smell good with all those candles! Lezlee

  7. Sister Cindy2/3/11, 8:48 PM

    Coleen - Love the Hearts!! (and thank you for removing my picture - ha ha!!) Not fair you got all the creative talent in the family but you put it to wonderful use and always willing to share - Your homemade gifts are priceless treasures!!

  8. Lucky you, getting to stay home and play with your candles. I wish we would get a snow day, but around here weather never stops us, we just work around it.
    Stay warm and safe!

  9. Hahahaha I see your sister finally caught on.

    Love your little heart... and you primmed that perfectly.

    I finally got that parcel in the mail for you as promised, I bet you thought I Should be hitting your neck of the woods around Friday or Saturday (19th).

    Happy Valentine's Day Coleen.

    Hugs, Deb

  10. Just popping in to see what's shaking Coleen?
    Hope all is well and you had a memorable Valentine's day and you heart was stuffed with LOVE !!!!



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