Chandlers In the Family

A person who makes or sells candles

A cute little kid

With any luck at all we will soon have TWO Chandlers in the family : )

I've been busy with research and development - desperately trying to make my candles behave so they will fill your homes with the most exquisite aromas possible:

Let me tell you, it's no easy task!

Now who would think Monkey Farts would smell a lot better than Grandma's Buns?  It's true - Monkey Farts are a hit around here but Grandma's Buns just didn't make the cut.  And, believe it or not, I DID NOT come up with the name for "Monkey Farts" - that's exactly how the fragrance supplier has it listed!

The main reason this is taking so long is because I have made the decision to make my candles with soy wax - ALL NATURAL SOY WAX - not a "soy blend" - and all natural soy wax candles are pretty darn tricky to perfect.

When adding color to soy wax, it does funky things when you burn the candles - like "jump lines" - that's what the experts call it.  It creates a stripe of colorless wax and makes them look ugly.  Yuck. 

Without adding color to the wax, they are a bit blah looking, but as you can see, soy burns clean - no soot; melts evenly across the top - no wasted wax clinging to the sides of the jar; soy burns longer than paraffin; and soy wax is water soluble  - meaning you can clean up accidental spills with water!  
If all of that isn't enough reason to go soy,

I live in IOWA for crying out loud.

What kind of Baffoon would settle for paraffin wax when they live in the heart of soy country?
So, I'm learning to tweak.

A little creative labeling hides the hideousness of the jump lines in colored candles.

  Offering personalized labels is a great distraction too : )

Using re-usable containers allows for using no dye and is another advantage soy wax has over paraffin.  Since soy wax is water soluble, all it takes is a little soap and water to clean out the container (like this cute little sherbet dish I got at my favorite store in the whole world - Streck Sales [Hi Jolene!]).  

So, I've got the detailing down to a manageable level, now it's a matter of perfecting the top secret recipes.

Different fragrance oils call for different fragrance loads and wick sizes. 

So, I'll be monkeying around for awhile : )


  1. Oh my gosh, I love the Monkey Farts candles. How fun. I'll bet they'd be a big hit at craft sales. I love the way you package the candles and embellish them. I wish you all the luck with your sales. Are you going to sell them on etsy?

  2. Great job Coleen... love the monkey farts, that was too funny.

    I have always bought soy candles and don't recall them ever making a line when burnt and the scent just lasted forever.

    I am sure you will get them perfected soon... good luck with your sales... they look fabulous. You did an awesome job on the labels.

    Have a great day...

    Hugs, Deb

  3. ...And you want to help ME *sniff* out a solution to my stinky rug?
    I don't know whether to laugh or cry!!

    Hmmm...industrial ICK or Monkey Farts...that is a tricky one there. I'll have to get back to you on that one.
    Sounds like your having a fun time with your new job. Something you hardly ever here:
    'Is there a Chandler in the house?'


  4. Love the name Monkey Farts but you know, when I saw Grandma's Buns, I was expecting to see Grandma's behind somewhere on the label! hee-hee :)
    I used you cinnamon and nutmeg idea for a project and it looks so cool...not as good as yours, but I like it :)

  5. Wow... it sounds like alot of work goes into the candles but I love that you are making it so consumer friendly!! That's awesome!! Monkey Farts... really?? LOL!

  6. Alright already...send me some dang candles, I'm dying here! Mardi told me you were making one called Monkey Farts and I about fell off my chair. "Only Coleen", I thought! I love that you're having so much fun with this and I think the candles are going to be a huge hit! Can't wait to buy one!

  7. Coleen- thank you for bringing your candles to work so that I get the pleasure of smelling them. Love the looks of them! Can't wait to smell the monkey farts!

  8. I am all for soy candles especially the ones that are made with essential oils instead of fragrance oils. Your candles look great.Sounds like you take a lot of pride in making them. Thats' always who I want to buy from!Great blog. Glad I found it!!

  9. That little Chandler is a doll face...Monkey Farts, sounds like a mad scientist at work deep in the Amazon jungle...or your kitchen, lol. Love your labeling and that sherbet dish! Best of luck, Lezlee

  10. Wow, I'm impressed with all you're doing Coleen! I really like the ideas you come up with to solve the problems, too!


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