How Does Your Husband Smell?

I finally got some help with the housework around here and I'm using the extra time to perfect my candle making skills.  Actually, making the candles themselves has been easy - and I haven't been disappointed with the outcome of any of them.  I had no idea there was such a huge difference between a hand poured candle and the ones you buy at a store.   The hard part has been perfecting the look.  I liked the first label I made but I wasn't in love with it.

Just a few minor tweaks that took about a day-and-a-half to achieve and I had a label I feel is worthy enough for the candles. 

Thank goodness I finally have some help around here with the housework.  Now if only I could teach her to cook...

In order to perfect the labels, I had to bring out the big guns.  Meet my ever faithful HP Color LaserJet 3600n printer.

He's huge, for sure, but definitely worth his weight in gold.  Number one:  the text printing is sharp and clean.  Number two:  there is no worry about ink running or smearing - eliminating the need to spray the labels with a top coat is just about as good as having a cat wash the dinner dishes : )  If you ever have a printing project you want to protect, laser is the way to go.  The same effect can be had with a color laser copier - just make sure it's laser rather than ink.

Another reason I changed up the label was for ease in mass production.  I liked the raffia and lace and different pictures on the original labels, but realized how time consuming it would be to have to add all the foo-foos.

Plus, all those extras would add to the selling price. 

Then something too weird for description happened as I was mixing a candle with a scent labeled "Moon Lake Musk". 


 Well, fresh out of the shower and all spruced up Glen, that is.  Obviously, I think is it a marvelous scent and so do the boys - who usually aren't very impressed with any of my creative experiments.  (Golly, I wish there was a scratch and sniff feature on blogs.)

Yep, the scent got a new name.  (Quit rolling your eyeballs.  I know you'd do the same thing if it happened to you!)

Now, you know this is going to have to be our little secret - this candle smelling like my husband thing.  I don't think it is a very marketable proposition to try to sell a candle that smells like one's husband.  Besides that, I don't want people knocking on my door just so they can smell him, you know, try before you buy?

Yesterday's yield was small, but only because I ordered the wrong wicks.  In candle making size DOES matter!  Instead of filling vegetable cans, I used empty jars that had a larger opening than the vegetable cans I wanted to use.

Nonetheless, I am getting excited about this candle making ordeal.  I've already had a couple of offers from store owners to sell them!  Guess I best get busy, huh?


  1. Awwhhh couldn't you just cut off a piece of his clothing and send us a sample... hahahaha... I won't tell.

    Your candles look fabulous Coleen... an offer to sell too, good for you. I think you would do well... love the new label too... great job.

    Hugs, Deb

  2. I love the candles! Love them! And I haven't even smelled them yet! Think you could name one after my husband now...huh...don't think Mountain Brad would work (or maybe it would but dont think that smell would get much demand LOL!) I really liked your first labels too, but totally understand who the little fiddly things can take up too much time and effort. I think the new ones look great too. Pretty soon you'll be making candles full time! WE better move closer so you can hire us to work for your candle company! :)

  3. Love. love ...LoVE these!!! I'm glad you don't have the scratch and sniff you know how many people would be scratching their computer screens???? LOL

  4. Love the new labels. I'll bet you have great success with the labels. Homemade candles are so much better than the mass produced candles in the store.

    If you have a recycling center in your area, check there for glass jars. I found that the Smuckers jars are perfect for candles.

  5. Your candles are beautiful! I love the labels!
    Good luck selling them, I'm sure you will do well!

  6. I'm so impressed with your candle making skills Coleen! love the name on the new scent-- and does the Cat hire out?
    I've got some windows that need washin'!

    So about the jars... you just using any ol' jar or a certain style and type? do you need lids?
    We need to work out a system here, really. Let me know...
    email me!

  7. lol, you are cracking me up, girl! I love the labels and wish I had a store for you to sell them in. You cook up the best stuff in that kitchen of yours!


  8. I am so enjoying seeing this success story play out! I think you're doing a wonderful job and working very hard toward a very successful outcome! YEA!!! Congrats!

  9. Oh Mom they look GREAT i cant wait to see and smell them!!! (even Mountain Glen) lol... I have a list of candle smells to give u from Lila the lady i was tell u about there is a bunch of them and knowing u Im sure u can come up with a few cute labels...Cant wait to come visit! Good Job

  10. Your labels look just perfect. Your candles are very pretty--best of luck marketing them, that's fantastic.

  11. Coleen... you are so funny!! I loved your post and so happy for you that some stores want to sell your awesome candles!! Go Mountain Glen... and go cat (so cute)!! Love it!! :)



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