A Reasonable New Year's Resolution

I do not like New Year Resolutions because I consistently fail at keeping them.  The older I get, the more I realize how ridiculous it is to make bold statements about how I am going to start doing this or quit doing that because by the first of February it's always back to the same old same old.

Plus, I am surrounded by people who just love to remind me of the errors of my ways.

Meet my sisters:

Cindy (above) and Rhonda (below)

(faces changed to protect the guilty)

I think these pictures duly capture the very essence of my slightly-short-of-sainthood siblings who presented me with a Christmas gift (in front of God and everyone) that is the basis for my New Year's Resolution:


It all started in September when the family was gathered around Dad in the hospital.  We've all been there, right?  Not knowing exactly what's wrong - waiting for test results - praying everything will be okay.  You know how easy it is be become a bit distracted when there's so much to think about.

In the process of waiting and wondering, I tried to lighten things up a bit with "true confessions" after a quick trip to the bathroom.

"Don't ever try to use one of these to dry your hands because they aren't very absorbent," said I.

"You don't know the difference between toilet seat covers and paper towels?????" they howled!

"Of course I know the difference between toilet seat covers and paper towels, I'm just telling you, don't 'accidently' grab one of them instead of a paper towel because they aren't very absorbent."

They found that little comment hilarious too.  I thought they were going to get us kicked out of the hospital the way they were laughing and carrying on.

In my defense, I truthfully told them the bathroom was very small, the seat covers were in close proximity to the sink, and the paper towels were on a side wall. I just logically grabbed the nearest paper product to dry my hands.

They just wouldn't let it go.

Seriously, on the way home from the hospital I sneezed in the car and Rhonda (a little too quickly) said, "Oh!  Oh!  Here's a tissue!"  

She darn near went off the road trying to fish a toilet seat cover out from under her seat. 

She was mainical!

Okay, so it was a good thing she grabbed a few because those two about peed their pants laughing about their forward thinking and ability to wait for an opportune moment to rub it in!

Fast forward to Christmas and the "surprise" that was hauled up from the basement.

A Christmas wreath made from toilet seat covers.
And yes, they had to repeat the whole sordid tale to EVERYONE.

So, what's your reasonable New Year's Resolution?


  1. That is hilarious! I have two sisters too and it sounds like something we would do (although my older sister would be the one on the butt end of the joke). Sounds like your family has a wonderful sense of humor.
    Happy New Year.

  2. LOL...just too funny!!! I think you may have gotten even just a little by changing the faces to protect the innocent! hee-hee! Beautiful wreath, too!

  3. Poor Coleen... I have 3 sisters and a pesky brother... I can totally relate.

    Love the pictures... I like your spirit don't get mad get even... hahahaha

    Have a great New Year Coleen... ps. I don't make resolutions either... waste of paper.

  4. Hilarious....

  5. Ha!ha ha ha ...that's hilarious!
    Coleen I don't have a sister at all...but I do have brothers... don't know what's worse.
    I'd venture to say sisters, I can take whatever my brothers dish out, but sisters are women ...and women are snarky and catty---that's why I don't have a lot of women friends!

    I'm so glad to get to know you this year and count you as a new friend!

    Love the wreath and by the way...

  6. Hysterical!! Of course you know that we'll all think of you every time we even see seat covers!! That wreath is is the story about her having them under the seat.

    No one can make me laugh as hard as my sister can...that one would have put us both over the top.

    Happy New Year to you and the girls!!!

  7. Thank you for sharing that. I'll never look at a toilet seat cover again without thinking of you. lol

    Happy New Year

  8. That is awesome! Thanks for the laugh.

  9. That story is just a hoot! The wreath gift is priceless. What I wouldn't give for just one sister. I think you need to roll their houses:-)
    Happy New Year!!

  10. Yep, my brother and sister would do the same thing to me...very funny!!! Love the pictures!!

  11. NO WAY!!! How funny!! Oh Coleen... that's too much! Great post... even if it is at your expense...LOL! It sounds like your sisters have a great sense of humor. You gotta admit... that was a good one! :)


  12. I love it! Maybe you should do a tutorial on making a wreath out of toilet seat covers....It would be a hoot to see how many people actually make it!
    I have 5 sisters, so can totally relate. Nothing is sacred or secret if it makes a good story!
    And it sounds like you acheived your goal in the first place, lightening up the day while you were all nervously waiting for news.
    This post had tears running down my cheeks, it had me laughing so hard!
    Yet somehow, I think you'll be breaking that resolution before the years out. Isn't that what sisters are for?

  13. OMG MOM...that was great!!!! And the pictures really put it all together lol!!!!!!!!!Kenny even got a kick out of it he said "where she get the pictures?" Very funny!!!

  14. This is a priceless post, those pictures so great! I may use them someday, I have five sisters and two brothers...we've had the same type scenarios played out at hospitals...just too funny, I love it! and those sisters waiting until just the right moment...well, they probably did pee their pants. funny, and I like that your daughter appreciated it, too! Lezlee

  15. lol, I only have 4 sister, not 5, Lezlee


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