Baked Snowmen and Fresh Flakes

Christmas at our house this year definitely has an old fashioned country flair.  I went a bit wild with the antiquing of my sewing projects, but I left a couple of things "un-antiqued" and they just didn't look right!

This happy little couple sits in a lovely antique cheese box I picked up at my favorite little store, Streck Sales, in Denison (Hi Joleen!).  I had fun dressing them up for Christmas with bits and pieces of things like old socks (the Mister's stocking cap) an old star ornament, buttons, scrap material and falling apart evergreen garland.

The same is true for the son who appears to be happy living on his own, huh?  His stocking cap is another old sock... his scarf came from old kitchen curtains.  Look at that little nose of his - that's the way he came out of the oven!

The tutorial for making antique snowmen - or anything else made of cloth for that matter - can be found here.

I did make some fresh snow too:

The sewing angels were really looking out for me one day.  I was at this store and for some reason, thermal blankets caught my eye.  Probably because the big price banner said $2.  Two dollars?  for a KING size thermal blanket?  I took it to the cashier and said I didn't want it if it wasn't $2.  For me it was $2 - but they promptly changed the price banners to read $12.  What a steal of a deal!

Anyway, this was one of those really stiff thermal blankets.  I had read somewhere how people use them for quilts instead of paying for batting.  Hmmmm.  Perfect!  I'm not a quilter (yet) but that thermal blanket worked just perfect for my snowflakes!

I sandwiched a double layer of  thermal blanket between two pieces of muslin fabric after I used my disappearing ink to trace around a couple of different snowflake designs I found on Print Shop.  I sewed around the outline and then cut them out.  Simple, simple, simple!  Then they were sprinkled with glitter and adorned with old buttons (thanks Mom!) and hand sewn glass beads.

Nice, thick Iowa snowflakes  : )

And speaking of snow... we're in for a blizzard today.  Joy, joy.  Hopefully we won't lose power because I want to get back to my sewing machine and make some more ditty bags for Christmas and some stockings for the fireplace. 

Have a great day!


  1. Great projects and it's always nice to see a happy couple :)

  2. GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS Coleen... you are on a roll... EVERYTHING looks so prim and perfect... loving the snowflakes and the happy little family.

    Great job my friend.

    Merry Christmas

  3. Well, you have been busy.
    The little snowmen/woman are so cute. Great Idea for the snow flakes too. I inherited all the bedding (some slightly worn) from my MIL house after it sold.
    I've had that happen to me- with prices being wrong-- I once got a beef pot-roast marked for the price of catfish at the market. They changed the price real quick when I got to the check out counter!

    great deal. great projects...hope your personal project is still working for ya.


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