Late last night there was a pickup tearing around out here on our usually quiet gravel road.  It was annoying, because we were all in bed trying to get to sleep.  I got a glimpse of it, but didn't recognize the vehicle.  I'm going to assume it was some kids or young adults exploring the back roads of our county, trying to see how fast they could drive on gravel.  Who knows what they were up to.

All I know is that when we left the house this morning, Cole spotted momma cat lying lifeless on the side of the road.  Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how she got hit or which vehicle hit her. It upsets me when the boys have to witness such things.  Granted, death is a frequent visitor to small farm animals and the older boys are understanding of that fact of life, but it is always sad for us when we lose a momma.

Consequently, we now have three little orphans.

Fortunately they are big enough to eat and drink on their own, but it is cold outside and they have no momma to keep them warm.  For now they are in the garage with a fuzzy towel and each other to snuggle with.

The garage is filling up with fuzzy baby friends.  The sole peachick (baby peacock) that hatched last week is doing well under the heat lamp.  We had to remove the chick from the rest of the birds because it was getting stepped on by the bigger birds and the peahen was a frantic, nervous wreck trying to keep her baby under her wing.  They cried for each other the first night, but now momma and baby have settled into their own routines and both appear to be happy.  (Although I've never seen them smile).

It's definitely toasty warm under the heat lamp.  Hmmmm...  I wonder how the kittens would get along with the peachick?  Naw.  I better not try it. 

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  1. Awww, Happy Mother's Day Weekend! Lezlee

  2. so sad. :-(
    I think you could totally introduce them when they are a little older? But now, do you have 3 new permanent friends? Its not like they will be feral and know what to do. Maybe get them fixed at 4 months?

  3. Aw...Living in the country does have a way of bringing those teachable moments with kids,huh?
    Hope the kids, do alright with it-- in the mean time there are extra chores now. Feeding those three babies--you may still be able to teach them to be good mousers. They could earn their keep.

    As for the peachick...Cool! I'd love to have peacocks and peahens. I have memories of them from when I was young. The farmer up the road had some back when we first moved graceful looking. But they have that eerie scream don't they?

  4. Thanks for stopping by a little lovely! So glad my post helped you out! Happy Mother's Day!!


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