Camp Firin'

Yesterday was May 15th.  Big deal, no birthdays or anniversaries or holiday, BUT I had high hopes of being able to reveal the makeover of my old washing machine because it was May 15th.  Why, you are wondering?

Well, get a load of this:

Do you see the patent date on the wringer portion of my washer?  May 15, 1915!  I didn't notice the date until May 14, 2010 - so I wanted really bad to be able to have it all finished yesterday so it would be ninety-five years to the day.  Alas, things didn't go so well.

I was able to work on it and a couple of other projects too ( all incomplete, of course ) but I did manage to learn a few things that are far more important and definitely more interesting than an old worn out washing machine.

First I learned that the worms out here are very smart!  Ethan was helping me plant flowers.  He picked up a little earth worm, looked at it wiggling in the palm of his hand for a bit and exclaimed, "Grandma, look!  The worm made an 'O'!  I didn't know worms knew how to spell!"  (Talk about missing a great photo op!)

Then I found out we have monkeys living in the trees.  Chandler swears he sees them.  He is so serious about it, I almost believe him!

About the same time, I realized how much Chandler is like is father.

When Drew was about 4, he had a pair of green boots he wore everywhere - his were usually on the wrong feet too.

The most interesting thing I learned was something I'd never heard of before.  "Camp Firin'"  The little boys found a package of marshmallows in the cupboard and wanted to go "Camp Firin'".  Cole thought it was a pretty good idea too.  Sheesh, a Grandma just can't say "no" to faces like these...

So, "Camp Firin'"in the back yard we went. 

Caine actually had a good time, despite the fact he looks a bit like Lucifer in this picture.  He's the "camp firin'" guy out here.  He gets the wood and puts it in the fire ring and tends to the flames.  He's not too bad at roasting marshmallows either.

All in all it was a pretty educational day for this Grandma.  God Bless their little hearts.  They wear me out at times, but they definitely bring a joy to my life that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. 

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  1. Aw! man, Campfirin' looks like such fun. Even Caine looks like he is having fun...'fakin'like' he's not!

    Too bad you missed the date on the washer- but hey in another 5 years it will be 100 and maybe then you can a 'shin-dig' and some campfirin' fun!

  2. Love it! Wish we'd have been there. We love "camp firin"! Love how Caine looks like he'd much rather have a big ol' steak at the end of that stick than a weeny marshmallow. Maybe we'll have to bring marshmallows when we come visit :)


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