Red Oak Fun

Cole and I traveled to Red Oak this weekend to spend some time with Nolan and Marlee while Nate and Sarah took a little vacation - and we had a blast!  As soon as we went outside that is.  Nolan stood by the window and waited and waited... and chanted and chanted, "I wanna go outside!"

If Nolan had his way, he would live outside, well at least until it got dark.  He doesn't have much use for indoor activities when the sun is shining.  Getting him to take time out to eat can even be tricky!  Hot dogs and cheese curls weren't appealing until I told him he could eat them outside. 

Miss Marlee enjoyed being outside too.  She didn't want to be held, and she isn't walking yet, so we settled for the stroller.  She was most pleased, for sure!

Cole was a big help  - even though he did manage to find time to monkey around.

Nolan and Cole played...

and played.  

Just to mix things up a bit, we asked these girls if they would be interested in a game of soccer or tag ball, but they didn't think we were very funny.  They didn't really didn't give us an answer, they just stared at us like we were annoying them.  How rude!

Just kidding.  We didn't get close to these beauties at all!  I just wanted to check out the zoom on my camera, not bad, huh?  (I love this picture.  Cows are sooooooooo serious!)

Nolan eventually wore Cole out, so Nolan found Lola to keep him company while Cole took a break.

Then he decided to monkey around a bit.

He finally wore himself out trying to figure out why the water wouldn't come out of the hose.

And little Miss Marlee?  
Well, try as I might to interest her in the little girl toys in the house, she was most pleased with these!

We had so much fun with the kids that Cole didn't want to go home.  He said, "Nate and Sarah should go on vacation more often"!  I think Nolan had his fill of us.  When Sarah's mom came to pick the kids up so we could go home, Nolan pointed at her and said, "I want that one!"  Meaning, I want that Grandma!  Too funny.

It was a great time for sure, but we had a surprise waiting for us when we got home...

Say "hello" to Daisy!  She came complete with a saddle!  Boy are we going to have fun!

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  1. YEAH! Daisy! Welcome to the best home evah!!

  2. That is where we spend our time with the grandkids too- OUTSIDE.

    I see the temps are still cool there, everybody has donned a sweater.
    Your little Marlee reminds me of our little Aubree...wanting to be outside but having to be in the stroller.
    She is finally starting to walk so I gave in and put her right on the ground...she mostly crawls...and eats grass. he he he

    Looks like fun...Daisy and the cows should come eat my grass!

  3. Aww Marlee the dump truck driver! What an awesome day! Lezlee


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