Along Came a Spider

and cross it with something like this...

Well, first I got a headache from trying to think too hard about how to make a spider web.  Then I just decided to wing it with some wire.

Not too bad, even though I didn't pay nearly as much attention to detail as Mr. Garden Spider did with his.  Oh well, it wasn't an official competition.  I conceded to his design, but I let him know mine was going to last a lot longer than his : )

I knew right away what I could make spider legs from, but the body of the spider proved a bit more challenging.  Several trips rummaging through the sheds finally paid off.  I never dreamed I'd be so happy someone actually saved a totally-worthless-for-its-original-purpose metal float.  (I don't think it came from a toilet because it's pretty big)

But before I go any further, I must advise you NOT to use one of these when cutting up an old rake to use for spider legs...

Boy did I get a lecture when I said, "Honey, will you help me cut this rake?  I'm not strong enough to cut it."  The censored version of the response I received went something like this:  "That's not a tin snip, that's MY NEW GARDEN PRUNER!!!!   I sure hope you didn't try to cut metal with it..."


For your information and continued chances of staying married, here is a picture of a tin snip:

and I must add using the proper tools makes life much easier in so many ways : )  After bending the legs and poking slits in the float, it was instant spider.

Ethan was happy with my eternal spider, so I knew all the trouble was worth it!

"Grandma, this spider doesn't scare me!"

He really isn't a very scary spider, but he does wiggle a bit when there's a breeze and the kittens are a bit curious about his presence on "their" farm, it's an interesting piece for sure.

I'm thinkin' this is a nice little Halloweenish decoration for our place and I'm also betting it will make a nice little trellis come next spring, don't you?


  1. That is a great looking spider. Perfect for haloween.

  2. OK Coleen... this is interesting... spider decor... hmmm. Your right though... great for Halloween! Very creative!! And very funny about the pruners!

    PS... loved your two line poem you left me! LOL!


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